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World Press Photo 2018


61st annual World Press Photo Contest
and 8th annual World Press Photo Digital Storytelling Contest
Tour Exhibition

The World Press Photo Foundation announced yesterday the winners of its renowned contests, the 61st annual World Press Photo Contest and the 8th annual World Press Photo Digital Storytelling Contest, at its annual Awards Show in Amsterdam.

The annual photo contest awards photographers for the best images contributing to the past year of visual journalism. It is the world’s leading contest for professional press photographers, photojournalists and documentary photographers.

The prize-winning pictures are presented in an exhibition visiting around 100 cities in about 45 countries over the course of the year and seen by more than 4 million people worldwide.

This year’s exhibition comes to Sardinia for the very first time. It will be officially opened by the Foundation’s partner Jannas, from October 27th to November 18th – 2018 at the EXCaserma in Gavoi. The Municipality of Gavoi is one of the local partners supporting the event.

The Foundation announced the nominees in each category of the Photo Contest – Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, General News, Long-Term Projects, Nature, People, Sports e Sport News – the Digital Storytelling Contest, and the six nominees for the World Press Photo of the Year on 14 February. All winners, including the World Press Photo of the Year, were revealed at the Awards Show in Amsterdam.

The World Press Photo of the Year

The World Press Photo of the Year honors the photographer whose visual creativity and skills made a picture that captures or represents an event or issue of great journalistic importance in the last year.

Colombian photographer Ronaldo Schemidt has won the 61st World Press Photo with a picture entitled Venezuela Crisis–, which also won first prize in the Spot News Single category. The image shows José Víctor Salazar Balza (28) on fire amid violent clashes with riot police during a protest against President Nicolás Maduro, in Caracas, Venezuela. Salazar was set alight when the gas tank of a motorbike exploded. He survived the incident with first- and second-degree burns. Schemidt (b. 1971) is a staff photographer for Agence France-Presse, based in Mexico.

primo classificato world press photo - Ronaldo Schemidt
Ronaldo Schemidt – Venezuela Crisis; World Press Photo of the Year

Magdalena Herrera, director of photography Geo France and chair of the jury, said about selecting the World Press Photo of the Year: «The photo of the year has to tell an event, that is important enough, it also has to bring questions…it has to engage and has to show a point of view on what happened in the world this year». 

She describes the winning photograph:
«It’s a classical photo, but it has an instantaneous energy and dynamic. The colours, the movement, and it’s very well composed, it has strength. I got an instantaneous emotion…» 

Jury member Whitney C. Johnson, deputy director of photography National Geographic, also added:
«It’s quite symbolic, actually. The man, he has a mask on his face. He’s come to sort of represent not just himself and himself on fire, but sort of this idea of Venezuela burning».

The contest drew entries from around the world: 4,548 photographers from 125 countries submitted 73,044 images. A total of 42 photographers from 22 countries were awarded in eight categories.

Gallery of all 2018 Photo Contest winners.

The 2018 World Press Photo Digital Storytelling Contest

The Digital Storytelling Contest rewards those producing the best forms of visual journalism enabled by digital technologies and the spread of the Internet. The contest is open to digital storytellers, visual journalists and producers, with submissions that include the work of a professional visual journalist.

Gallery of all 2018 Digital Storytelling Contest nominees.

This year 308 productions were submitted to the contest: 149 Short Form, 63 Long Form, 68 Immersive Storytelling and 28 Innovative Storytelling. 12 productions were nominated in the 4 categories.

The World Press Photo Foundation

The Foundation is a creative, independent, nonprofit organization, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Founded in 1955 the photo contest has grown into the world’s most prestigious photography competition, and the digital storytelling contest showcases online journalism. The travelling exhibition shows the winning stories to a worldwide audience of millions, educate the profession and the public on their making, and encourage debate on their meaning. The Foundation receive support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery and are sponsored worldwide by Canon.


Jannas represents a team of professionals brought together by the love for their island, Sardinia; it has a strong interest in cultural and touristic matters and believes they can be strategic drivers to regenerate local development models in which the community identities, the cultural heritage and the human capital will mark the way to follow. We carry out projects and activities aimed at promoting and boosting the social and cultural context of peripheral areas with less opportunity for growth and development.

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